Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

can dogs eat whipped cream

Although many dogs enjoy the taste and treat of human food, their bodies and digestive systems are not equipped to processing the same complex ingredients and combinations as humans do. Certain foods can be harmful or toxic to dogs, so dog owners should be cautious and do their research on what dogs can eat. One popular food item that you might be considering giving to your dog as a special treat is whipped cream. But can dogs have whipped cream?

Nowadays, you can find a lot of videos and memes of dogs eating whipped cream out there. And some Starbucks locations will even offer a not so secret menu item of whipped cream in small cups for dogs. So, that means that whipped cream is safe for dogs to eat, right? In a manner of speaking, yes and no.

Can Dogs Have Whipped Cream?

Plain white whipped cream is not generally harmful to your dog. Whipped cream is made of 2 to 3 different ingredients. Heavy cream and sugar would make the basic whip cream, and sometimes there can be a little vanilla for flavoring. These simple ingredients make it easy for your dog’s digestive system to break down whether or not your dog can have this fluffy and sweet treat.

But what about flavored whip cream for dogs? You should certainly stay away from whipped cream and whipped cream products that contain flavorings, especially chocolate.

Dogs and puppies will enjoy the sweetness and soft texture of whipped cream, with little to no serious or adverse impact on their digestive system. While many dogs are known to be lactose intolerant, a small portion of whipped cream as an occasional treat will do little harm.

Can dogs eat whipped cream

Is Whipped Cream Bad For Dogs?

Because most dogs are known to be lactose intolerant, whipped cream may irritate their stomachs and digestive systems slightly, depending on the amount of whipped cream they’ve been provided. The core ingredients of whipped cream, heavy cream and sugar, are not particularly harmful to dogs but can be when they are not regulated.

Another thing to consider is canine obesity, as it is a common issue for many dog owners. Feeding your dog or puppy human foods like whipped cream, with its high fat and sugar content, are known contributing factors to doggie weight gain. Canine obesity will shorten the lifespan of your pet significantly and may cause other weight-related health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, physical discomfort, and stress on your dog’s joints and bones.

While whipped cream is not inherently bad for your dog, but this may vary depending on size, breed, and individual digestive traits and characteristics. Some dogs are predisposed to having a higher intolerance to dairy products, so it may be best to check in with your vet or canine care provider to determine best practices for your dog or puppy.

How Much Whipped Cream Can I Give My Dog?

Because of the nature of some whipped cream, especially those that come out in the form of a can such as Redi-Whip, it may be difficult to determine exactly how much to give your dog. Because of whipped cream’s airy texture and lightweight, it can also be easy for your dog to quickly devour this sweet confection, making it hard to know just how much your dog has already eaten.

The amount of whipped cream that you can feed your dog is generally dependent on common dietary needs for dogs, and the size of your dog or puppy. A general rule of thumb to follow is to feed your dog a portion about the size of their paw. Feeding your dog a little more than this amount is not considered hazardous, but it should be kept in mind that whipped cream is a treat for special occasions and should not be a regular staple of your dog’s diet.

“Can dogs have whipped cream?” In times when you may feel like indulging a little and would like to allow your dog or canine the same, whipped cream is a fun and delightful treat for dogs that your pup will enjoy. It is absolutely fine to grant your dog or puppy the occasional indulgence of this sweet and creamy dessert topping if done so in moderation and only on special occasions.

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